Orthopedic medicine the Chinese way!

I was treating someone who had recently had surgery. I was talking to the surgeon, and asked if there was anything he could prescribe post-surgery that would assist the patient in healing. I asked out of curiosity, to see if there was anything new I didn’t know about. The suggestion was to rest a lot and take pain killers, then rest some more.

It was there I realized the amazing power that this medicine has, which modern medicine has forgotten.

With my herbs I could directly affect the flesh. I had herbs that would actually generate flesh! Herbs that would soften tendons, influence muscles; herbs that would help break up scar tissue and diminish visible scarring. I could work where Western medicine could not. I could actually assist and help guide the healing process, rather than just wait for it.

This was a profound realization.

It was like opening a door to a secret room, filled with glistening treasure, known to only a few. I looked around this gilded place and stood amazed at the power and simplicity of the treasure.

When you find the very special abilities in a person, or in a system of medicine, it is like discovering gold. But the doctor wouldn’t understand what I was dreaming about until he had seen the results.

Now he has seen, and he is a believer.

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