The Madrid Statement – 200 scientists in 38 countries sign statement to ban PFAs

The Madrid Statement – – was published this week.  200 scientists from 38 countries signed this statement which essentially warns that PFAs, Teflon non-stick chemicals for example, are dangerous enough that they should be completely outlawed. It also reveals that DuPont chemicals knew this in 1961 and were actually fined by the EPA in 2005, the documents reporting that the company had withheld decades of information on the dangers of their product. DuPont just paid it and put out the dangerous products and made billions. The statement notes that internal documents revealed DuPont had long known the chemicals “caused cancer, had poisoned drinking water in the mid-Ohio River Valley and polluted the blood of people and animals worldwide.”

And people wonder at skyrocketing cancer and chronic disease rates.

Although long chain PFAs are actually being phased out, companies proclaim that their replacement, short chain PFAs, are safer.  Unfortunately this is not the case, which is why these scientists felt the need to make a public statement.

The extent of damage possible to the human body from these chemicals is severe.  It is clear that along with many other marvels of the modern world, this is another piece of the puzzle that adds up to the shocking rates of illness in the US.

It is clearly not the case that DuPont or any other corporate interest in the US will a) warn the consumer or b) pay the price, so here is the information for you, so at least you can be informed and try to make smart choices.

From almost every angle it is looking as if there is a way of the natural world, which works for us, and a way that goes against nature, so nature pushes back.  Try to find the balance for yourself.  Use your instinct.

Get healthy, be healthy, and stay healthy. It is in your power.

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