Losing Our Minds, part 2

Losing Our Minds part 1

Yesterday Medscape published an article (Alzheimer’s set to Skyrocket):  “approximately 47 million Americans currently have preclinical AD.  That number is expected to jump to more than 75 million by 2060.”  The numbers are staggering.

The article then spoke about the process, or what little we know of the process, of how the disease occurs, and the statistics.  Then a few words suggesting that prevention was good, except that there were no known primary preventive strategies.

Then they went on to suggest that “some of the same interventions helpful in preventing heart disease, such as healthier diet and exercise and, potentially, the same medications, may also be protective against developing AD”.

It is recognized in the article that there are presently no pharmaceutical strategies that work, and Bill Gates just put $50 million into a pharmaceutical research group to develop new drugs to treat AD.


It strikes me, again, that there are other ways and other strategies that are being overlooked.

As is the case with all other chronic conditions afflicting Americans and to a lesser extent the wider Western world, there is not one cause of any of these maladies, and there is not one easy pill solution, no matter how many billions are spent.  But billion dollar hype aside, we have treatments, right now.

I suggest, as I have previously, that most AD is essentially a metabolic disease; that it involves fundamental nutritional deficiencies that allow the body to enter an inflammatory state.  This allows the blood brain barrier to become permeable, introducing foreign stimulus into the brain.  The immune system in a compromised body is impaired, the ability of the brain to clear plaque is impaired, the bile levels in the brain are no doubt too low, and this is compounded with often exceptionally and unnaturally low cholesterol levels (and overall lack of lipid balance due to diet – think DHA slowing or reversing symptoms) further impairing plaque clearance.

Combine this with the deterioration aging brings to systems rife with DNA damage, which is increasingly unrepairable due to – again – lack of vital micronutrients necessary to act as cofactors in repair enzymes; combine this with senescent cells instigating more and more damage to healthy tissue; combine this with impaired liver detoxification function due to again, nutritional deficiency, and no surprise that your brain is now sick.

All of these issues are culprits to greater or lesser degree in all chronic disease states, including some cancers.  All of these chronic disease states are metabolic problems.  All of the answers are the same.  Genetics are not destiny.  Fix the nutritional problems and avoid metabolic disease, in most cases.

In most cases we know the answer already, Right Now.   Take for example “metabolic enhancement” (nutritional medicine) with sustained reversal of cognitive decline.  You can do this.  You can do this, at home, yourself.

How long will it take to see?  How many more billions of dollars and years will be spent looking for a solution we already have?

Too long and too much for the 47 million Americans with preclinical AD, Right Now.








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