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  • Getting to the Heart of It – Real Heart Disease Risk, Beyond LDL

      The question of why such a large number of people with “desirable cholesterol numbers” have heart attacks requires answers. Averaging various studies and reports, it seems that at least 50% if not more of the patients admitted for myocardial infarction – one study of 65,000 such people -showed a total cholesterol “very desirable” at […]

  • A Disease by Any Other Name – examining the roots of chronic disease

        Looking from the outside, the chronic diseases humans have look like very different things.  Diabetes looks nothing like arthritis.   Osteoporosis looks nothing like heart disease or Alzheimer’s.  But if we switch our perspective, to that from inside the body, things change. The pharmaceutical paradigm is built on a research paradigm that looks for […]

  • The Ideal Diet for Longevity?

    The Ideal Diet for Longevity?

      For the simple reason that food can make us well or make us sick, there is much debate in the literature and much effort put into understanding the ideal diet. Nutrition is necessary for life, but it also triggers detrimental responses. For example, amino acids are necessary for us to live, but protein also […]

  • The Medicines of the Future

      A few years ago I was speaking with a drug researcher at UC Irvine who was looking for natural products (herbs, in Western parlance) that showed promise as cancer therapies. As I know a lot about herbs, I suggested I assist him in identifying targets, and in exchange he could help me do some […]

  • Tamagotchi and the Urgent Need for Nutritional Medicine

      In the 1990s Akihiro Yokoi created a digital pet that was the biggest toy fad of that decade. The first 2 generations of this pet created unforeseen problems because there was no pause button, and if you didn’t continuously take care of the Tamagotchi, it would die in a day. Children and even adults […]

  • Published – Case Study on Osteoporosis without the use of Bisphposphonates


  • Pancreatic cancer – more clues – microbiome, again.

    Small study shows oral bacteria  is consistent, with significant difference, between those with and without pancreatic cancer.   Let’s make a study that defines, broadly, which species in the microbiome define a state of “health” and start there with our preventative treatment – balance the gut, and see all the diseases our patients don’t get.  This […]

  • Biomarkers –

    Blood samples from 17,000 “healthy” people were taken and their health status followed for over 5 years.  Of those who had died – of a variety of diseases – they found 4 biomarkers to be consistent throughout. They are albumin, alpha-1 acid glycoprotein, citrate, and the size of the VLDL particles.   All of these molecules […]