Category: Orthopedic medicine

  • A Case of Severe Nerve Pain

    A patient came to me in terrible pain, crying with frustration. She had recovered from a lumpectomy and removal of 26 lymph nodes, and suffered lymphedema in her left arm.   At some point during the surgery they had temporarily implanted a defibrillator. The 3-inch longitudinal scar just below the clavicle hurt more than anything from […]

  • New Anatomy – who thought it was possible after all this time?

    Surgeons have described a new ligament in the human knee.  After realizing that many ACL reconstructions did not fully fix the problems, the knee would give way during activity involving pivoting. This brings us to the concept of “new anatomy”, or a new way of looking at anatomy.  It has been postulated, by some, […]

  • Orthopedic medicine the Chinese way!

    I was treating someone who had recently had surgery. I was talking to the surgeon, and asked if there was anything he could prescribe post-surgery that would assist the patient in healing. I asked out of curiosity, to see if there was anything new I didn’t know about. The suggestion was to rest a lot […]