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  • Your Nose Knows…

    Another key to how topical medicinals work.  Treating tissue is not just about the clear mechanics of wound healing – the idea of “smell” (similar to the TCM term of “flavor”?) seems to have much deeper affects than we thought.

  • You are What Who Ate?

    Second article of the epigenetics series published:

  • Icing Injuries – Great article from Joshua Stone, Athletic Medicine Highlights: Mechanotransduction and cellular signaling: Abrahams, et al., 2013: Tendinopathy is a result of gene polymorphism, not inflammation. Load stimulates mRNA to be sent to the endoplasmic for gene transcription and proteogenesis. The new proteins repair damaged tissue and become the new collagen, the new bone, and the new muscle. Durieux, et al., (2009): […]

  • Published – Case Study on Osteoporosis without the use of Bisphposphonates


  • Arresting Bone Loss in a post-menopausal woman

    Arresting Bone Loss in a Post-Menopausal Osteoporotic Woman without the Use of Bisphosphonates   L. Kelly   Abstract  There are many dietary recommendations to assist with the treatment of osteoporosis – and some appear to be helpful. However, none has emerged as a replacement for bisphosphonates. I report on the effects of dietary treatment of […]

  • New Anatomy – who thought it was possible after all this time?

    Surgeons have described a new ligament in the human knee.  After realizing that many ACL reconstructions did not fully fix the problems, the knee would give way during activity involving pivoting. This brings us to the concept of “new anatomy”, or a new way of looking at anatomy.  It has been postulated, by some, […]

  • New Office

    We are moving one flight up in the same building – new address is 11965 Venice Blvd, Suite 305 LA, 90066   Come visit us!

  • Kidney Stones

    As it goes with medicine sometimes, the Kidney stone in fact hadn’t dissolved, it was just not visible on the xray. We will keep trying.    

  • Welcome – About this blog

    Hello World Wide Web. On this blog you will find case notes on treatments, successful or otherwise, as experienced by me. My goal is to inform and keep a public record of the fascinating world of the work life of a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I look forward to sharing this work with you, […]