Health Optimization

The mechanisms that underlie disease are not currently investigated by conventional standard-of-care.

So we ask the questions: how is your body armed to repair DNA damage? How is your body set to detoxify? How is your body prepared to fight oxidative damage?

My protocol for health optimization at any age is customized to you, but involves a few basic principles:

Nutritional health – Do you have all the basic building blocks you need to be healthy?  Most of us don’t.  Find out.

Gut (microbiome) repair – a healthy gut is one of the keys to long term good health as well as any chronic disease recovery.

Liver function optimization – a well functioning detoxification system is the second key to long term good health and disease recovery.

Brain health – how is your brain functioning?  Are there things you can do to decrease your chances of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s?  Yes there are.

Inflammation reduction – Implicated in all diseases including cancer, reducing chronic inflammation reduces the chance of any disease occurrence, as well as increasing longevity.

Hormone balancing – Feeling great is vital to long term good health – are improperly balanced hormones, or lack of hormones bringing you down?

Genetics – Deepening your understanding of how your body responds to nutrition, and what polymorphisms affect your health on a deeper level are the final key for fixing debilitating disease.  It is possible to stop decline, at any point.




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