What Patients Say

“My experience receiving guidance and treatment from Laura is so personal, it’s hard to put into words the tremendous impact it has had on me. Laura did not propose to fix my problems, or even directly answer my existential questions; she had the innate ability to see who I really am, and guide me in a way that was extraordinarily relevant and meaningful for me personally. Because of her tactfulness and care-of-soul, I was able to create new questions, draw out my own answers, and recognize my own path towards healing. To me, there is no greater strength of professional care than cultivating, collaborating, and awakening the will to heal from within the patient. Thank you Laura.” – M.H.

“Dr. Kelly has been wonderful for our son.  She has treated him with kindness and incredible patience.  Her methods, including herbal medicine, have greatly helped with his difficult eating issues and we have noticed a great improvement in him as a result of her treatments.  Our entire family looks forward to our appointments with Dr. Kelly, as she is not only wonderful with our son but also extremely helpful and supportive to the family in terms of learning how to help him at home.”     – I.R.

“Some time ago I developed a backache that I suspected to be psychosomatic. I hadn’t spoken with my father for a year and couldn’t decide how to make peace with him. So I figured that the emotional tension was somehow manifesting on my lower back. I had never tried acupuncture before, but I’ve always been curious about Chinese medicine and its different approach on symptoms. Therefore I thought it would be the right time to try it.

Dr.Kelly’s sensitivity and knowledge on both western and Chinese medicine made me feel immediately at ease.

On my first session I knew she would guide me through the experience with the care and sense of exploration I was hoping for, and she did.
As I’m blessed (or tormented) by vivid imagination, I was expecting some kind of mystical trip, maybe imbued with visions and revelations… But it turned out to be a very tangible, clear and simple event.

What seemed mystical was the psychological reaction: as soon as I was out of the clinic, I suddenly knew what to do with my father. The same evening I wrote him a letter, we finally made peace, and since then my ache never came back.

After that episode I enjoy dr. Kelly’s medical treatment every time I can. Even with no specific reasons. It keeps my body healthy and my imagination bright.” – D.A.



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