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I am an integrative physician combining Eastern medical approaches with Western medical tools to create lasting health on the West side of Los Angeles.

My Practice

My goal is to provide assistance to your body’s own healing mechanisms – Assisted Self-healing.  I have found that the combination of advanced Western technology and traditional medical concepts provide the most benefit and least harm to patients.  This is the model I employ to address medical concerns, to keep you well, or even to optimize your body’s function.

Advanced testing technologies can also provide information specific to you – personalized medicine – which is helpful to understand how your body works on a genetic level.  How does your body processes nutrients?  Very little dietary advice works for everyone, as we are all unique in how our specific genetics respond to medicines – be they pharmaceuticals or nutrients.

With information in hand we can design a program that is exactly tailored to you, either alone or in combination with pharmaceutical medicines prescribed by other providers.  I use only Natural Medicine, as I wish only to engage the body in a healing process aimed at the roots of dysfunction.  Natural Medicine targets holistic healing, which is lasting change for the body.

Natural Medicine can be used by anyone, by children and supercentarians alike.  As it was the only form of medicine for thousands of years, it has developed strategies for dealing with many varied health concerns.

Below I will share with you some of the general ways I have been able to get the most out of this medicine for my patients and myself.  This list is by no means exhaustive.

 The Common Cold

I perpetually have herbal formulas in my house to deal with cold and flu, and I suggest we do the same for you!  The trick here is to take your herbal formula at the very first inkling that you might be getting sick.  For those of you who know you get sick easily, then any time you are exposed to a cold or flu, take a dose before you go to bed.  There will be no harm to you if you are not infected, but if you are you stand a good chance of combating it.

Trick number 2 for preventing colds and flu: take a dose as soon as you feel the possibility; then, before bed that night, take 1.5 doses.  I have found this to be very effective in preventing infection.

Certainly if you do not wish to keep these formulas in your house you can schedule an appointment as soon as possible after feeling the first signs of a cold.  It is most important to note that the sooner we treat you the more chance we have of preventing you from getting sick at all.


The Chinese have been practicing martial arts for thousands of years.  Such an intensive, often fighting-based practice led to many traumatic injuries such as sprains and contusions, muscle and tendon tears and broken bones.  Not surprisingly Chinese doctors developed trauma medicine – a practice specific to acute injury and then to the stages of healing of the musculoskeletal system. The idea of trauma also applies to surgery.  Although it is an intended trauma, surgery still creates the same stress in the body, and the same stages of healing apply.

Chinese acupuncture and especially herbal medicine can help tremendously with trauma as well as pre- and post-surgery. Again, the important thing to note is time.  The sooner we see you following trauma, the better and faster we can help you heal.

The physicians of martial artists have developed what is known as a trauma pill, which is taken immediately following intense trauma.  It is a pain killer and also sets the stage for musculoskeletal healing.  People who take this herbal medicine in a timely manner and follow up by continuing Chinese herbal therapy find recovery time is shortened significantly.  If you have recently experienced physical trauma or are planning to undergo surgery, I recommend strongly that you consider incorporating natural medicine into your medical care.  As a prominent surgeon said of a recent patient’s recovery, “A+”.


Natural medicine has successfully helped people avoid surgery. If surgery is necessary, we can help prepare you for surgery by helping calm stress, strengthening your immune system, and strengthening the site for surgery.  Read here about acupuncture’s benefits to surgery from a Western point of view.

Post-surgery we can help you quickly clear the site of unwanted tissue and blood, and actually help your tissues rebuild themselves.  This is unique in modern medicine, and really where natural medicine so beautifully compliments conventional medicine.

Preventative Care and Aging

A primary focus of natural medicine is to avoid getting sick.  Instead of going to the doctor once one becomes ill, some people make it a habit to get tuned up once a month, or even once a week.  Our bodies change biochemically by the hour, even by the minute, depending on what we eat, what we breathe, and how we feel.  By resolving small imbalances on a regular basis, the body gets used to being balanced. With this kind of preventative care, small problems get resolved before they become big.

I have found that patients who have regular acupuncture spend far fewer days being sick (frankly if at all), and in general age very well.  I have a number of patients over 65 who are on no medications and continue to have very active lifestyles.  If you are feeling great and want to continue to feel great well into your supercentarian years, consider incorporating natural medicine into your health routine.

This research shows that the genetic changes in our brain which accompany aging can be “remarkably” slowed by acupuncture.

This research shows how Chinese medicine can help with hot flashes accompanying natural aging in women.

There are many ways natural medicine can help you age well and live your life to the fullest.

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  1. Reading your blog on the use of tudca, I practice optometry with integrative interventions for macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and occipital stroke.
    Any success with tudca or dosage recommendations would be appreciated.
    Should I always combine with citricholine, or phenylbutric acid?
    Jim H Day OD

    • Love hearing about your practice – tudca has worked for me in regulating liver enzymes and am presently using in a NA fatty liver patient who is improving. I’ve been using 600mg/day for 2 weeks then 300mg day after that. The winning combo for eyes appears to be with citicoline and neurotrophin-4. Let me know how it goes.

  2. I started reading your book and am impressed. Can you refer me to your resume? I can’t find one on your website.


  3. Hi. Dr. Kelly. I just listened to the podcast you did for UrbanFarm and you referenced a nutritional evaluation as well as a nutritional genetic evaluation. Can you tell me where I can find these evaluations? Thank you! P. S. I love your book!

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