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  • Published – Case Study on Osteoporosis without the use of Bisphposphonates


  • Zombie Endocrine disruptors!

    Although chemicals like steroids used in cattle production are broken down by sunlight, it seems they regenerate at night.  So all that run-off from the farm full of endocrine disruptors that everyone assumed was at least partially innocuous, isn’t. Article: Hormone-disrupting chemicals may be far more prevalent in lakes and rivers than previously thought. Environmental…

  • Chronic conditions in Americans

    The most recently analyzed data shows that 50.9% of American adults suffer from at least one chronic condition.  25% of American adults suffer from more than one chronic condition. This is appalling.  More than half of our population is diseased, and suffering.  What is going on here? Diet, diet, diet.  Gut, gut, gut.  There…