Dr. Laura Kelly                            office phone:  1.424.234.8603

To assist with the CoV outbreak I am offering brief telemedicine consults at no charge to provide you with herbal formulas targeted to your current symptoms or prevention of Covid.  Those at high risk (60+ with cardiovascular issues, diabetes, high blood pressure) are encouraged to add medical herbal formulas to their treatment regimen.  

Click here to self-schedule.

Dr. Kelly works with you to create a plan for lasting good health, no matter what health challenges you currently face.   Delving into your history and using modern medical testing, including genetic testing, we build a long-term plan to guide you away from disease and towards optimized good health.

Dr. Kelly practices primary care medicine as a DAOM, Doctor of Oriental Medicine licensed by board exam in the state of California.  She is nationally licensed as a medical practitioner by the national Oriental Medicine licensing board, the NCCAOM.  She sees patients in her office in Los Angeles and via telemedicine consultation.

Dr. Kelly is the author of The Healthy Bones Nutrition Plan and Cookbook – published in English by Chelsea Green, in Spanish by Sirio, and in German by Mobiwell Verlag.

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