The Amazing Body

I was fortunate enough to dissect the abdomen of an 80 year old woman who had died of heart disease and alzheimer’s this past weekend.  I thank her for her contribution to knowledge, science and my understanding of the body and Chinese medicine.

Something was revealed to me that gave me great excitement.  In Chinese medicine, the Kidney is often implicated in problems with the lung.  The concept is of the kidney energy not grasping the lung qi, not pulling it down into the body so it can be properly used. The respiratory energy is not being pulled downward.

Well the concept of the kidney related to respiration is something I always just accepted as a theoretical, somehow energetic relationship.  I understood the idea.

But now I understand it in a completely different way.

The diaphragm is an incredible thick fascia like tissue that spreads completely over the upper abdomen.  And nestled up into the diaphragm are the kidneys.  They are membranously enmeshed in the underside of the diaphragm.  When you breathe, the kidneys don’t only move, they move in complete synchronization.

They are physically attached to the organs of respiration.

It was an AHA moment for sure.  Seeing the way the body is connected on the inside gives great insight into Chinese medical concepts.  I encourage all practitioners to take a cadaver class.  You will be amazed.

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