Pancreatic cancer – more clues – microbiome, again.

Small study shows oral bacteria  is consistent, with significant difference, between those with and without pancreatic cancer.   Let’s make a study that defines, broadly, which species in the microbiome define a state of “health” and start there with our preventative treatment – balance the gut, and see all the diseases our patients don’t get.  This is a direct confirmation of Li Dong – Yuan’s Treatise on the Spleen and Stomach, that advocates treating the gut to balance the rest of the body; although no doubt in ancient China they ate a large selection of fermented foods, which we do not here in the US.

My American Gut sample  ( showed that I have much more abundant Bacteroidetes than the average, which is neither good nor bad, and I have 1 unique taxa, which they say might be in other people but they have yet to see it – genus Leadbetterella, and 22 rare taxa.  I am in the process of building a table that references health vs bacterial population, so I will see if my foundational microbiome is pointing towards health or disease.

Another piece of the longevity puzzle.

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