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  • Losing Our Minds, part 2

    Losing Our Minds, part 2

    Losing Our Minds part 1 Yesterday Medscape published an article (Alzheimer’s set to Skyrocket):  “approximately 47 million Americans currently have preclinical AD.  That number is expected to jump to more than 75 million by 2060.”  The numbers are staggering. The article then spoke about the process, or what little we know of the process, of how the disease […]

  • The Ideal Diet for Longevity?

    The Ideal Diet for Longevity?

      For the simple reason that food can make us well or make us sick, there is much debate in the literature and much effort put into understanding the ideal diet. Nutrition is necessary for life, but it also triggers detrimental responses. For example, amino acids are necessary for us to live, but protein also […]

  • The Fat Hack

      Excess carbohydrates in the body are converted to fat – this is why eating too many carbs, not too much fat, makes you fat. Specifically, the carbs are converted to palmitic acid, or palmitate, a saturated fat also found in palm oil, soybean oil, and sunflower oil.   All three of these fats are widely, […]

  • Tamagotchi and the Urgent Need for Nutritional Medicine

      In the 1990s Akihiro Yokoi created a digital pet that was the biggest toy fad of that decade. The first 2 generations of this pet created unforeseen problems because there was no pause button, and if you didn’t continuously take care of the Tamagotchi, it would die in a day. Children and even adults […]

  • Arresting Bone Loss in a post-menopausal woman

    Arresting Bone Loss in a Post-Menopausal Osteoporotic Woman without the Use of Bisphosphonates   L. Kelly   Abstract  There are many dietary recommendations to assist with the treatment of osteoporosis – and some appear to be helpful. However, none has emerged as a replacement for bisphosphonates. I report on the effects of dietary treatment of […]