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  • Rescued Memory

    Rescued Memory

    If you read my previous post on Alzheimer’s (AD) you have some understanding that the way our bodies use and regulate lipids (fat and cholesterol) has impact on this pressing health issue. Although amyloid beta – when pathological is one of the hallmarks of the plaque build-up associated with AD – is a protein, there is an…

  • Published – Case Study on Osteoporosis without the use of Bisphposphonates


  • Breast health – prophylaxis – It’s time!

    Medscape’s focus this week is on breast cancer prevention.  It is good to see the ideas of prevention being pushed on the site, which is geared towards the MD.  But it makes me seriously annoyed – no, incensed – that they speak about preventing breast cancer without mentioning the most simple and readily available breast…

  • Orthopedic medicine the Chinese way!

    I was treating someone who had recently had surgery. I was talking to the surgeon, and asked if there was anything he could prescribe post-surgery that would assist the patient in healing. I asked out of curiosity, to see if there was anything new I didn’t know about. The suggestion was to rest a lot…